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At Last Darkness Has Come

The Days and Nights of My Tomorrows

Annabelle St. Laurent of the House of Laurent
17 October 1987
For now, I'm just a college student, trying to get by. Life's taken some turns since high school graduation, and I'm doing my best to reconcile everything the only way I know how: laughter, tears, and a crapload of Diet Coke.

Original layout (The Oval Portrait) created by fistsandfangs. Coding mods done by warrior_gypsy. Background image and header portrait mod done by me.
Incredibly awesome (and really hot, too!) Logan Cale mood theme found here and made by whimsicons.

Here, have some testimonials:

bergeronprocess: Anna is ace when it comes to fangirling of the highest, most flailingest, giggliest, most perverted degree. Everyone should have a friend like Anna in their circle, and I'm dead lucky to have her in mine. ♥

burtonworshiper: Anna is supah cool yo! You should add her for good times and fun stuff. DOOOO IIIIIIIT! (That's an order!!) No really, do it. Or else you'll regret it. For life. Do it.

loukhos: Put a little Anna in your coffee and any day is a good day! XD